Plenary Session  Plenary Hall A,4F

-Opening Ceremony
-Keynote Speech
-Strengthen the Application of IP Protection, Promote the Healthy Development of the Real Economy
-Efficient Mining and Utilization of IP Information, Driving the Global Innovation
-Sound IP Strategy Promotes Manufacturing Enterprises
SHEN Changyu LUO Wen HE Hua XIAO Xingwei Yoshiyuki Takagi DONG Mingzhu
Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology SIPO
Deputy Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner
Assistant Director General,WIPO Board chairman of Gree Electric Appliances
Andy Sherman Mark Snyder Noreen Krall John David Flynn MU Hong ZHU Mingang
EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary of Dolby Laboratories, INC Senior Vice President, Qualcomm Vice President and Chief Litigation Counsel for Apple Inc. John David Flynn, Associate General Counsel of IBM Headquarters President, Chofn Intellectual Property President, Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd

Breakout Session 1 Patents Facilitate Transforming and Upgrading of Real Economy
Part 1 Dialogue; Innovation in the Name of Prosperity of Real Economy
 Room 309

What we have achieved in innovation?
What difficulties we have met during innovation?
IP in the Strategic Eye of Business
SONG Liuping WU Yuxia Yoshiaki Tokuda ZHOU Li XIANG Weimin MA Jian
Vice President and Chief Lgal Officer, Huawei Technologies Deputy Managing Director , Jiang Su Heng Rui Medicine Co., Ltd Director, Intellectual Property Center,Panasonic Corporation Board Secretary, NONGFU SPRING Vice President, Midea Group Head of China Patent Team, Microsoft
Tsukamoto Masashi XU Fang CHEN Yuanqing CHEN Hongbing Gerold Frers ZHANG Ping
Hitachi Chief Technology Officer,SIASUN Director of Intellectual Property Department, Lenovo Director of WIPO Office in China Director of Patent Search and Information Department, Siemens Vice Director, Intellectual Property College of Peking University

Breakout Session 2 Evolving Global Patent Monetization Market
-Part 1 Latest Practice of Patent Licensing
 Room 311

Patent Licensing in the Sector of AI
Constructing New Patent Pool
Update in SEP Licensing
Steve Wang Kirk Dailey CAO Jun ZHANG Jianguo Jay P. Kesan SUN Bin
Senior Legal Counsel,Apple Inc. Head of Licensing, Marconi Group Managing Director, IWNCOMM Patent Monetization Consultant, China Science & Trademark Agent Ltd Professor and Director, Program in Intellectual Property & Technology Law, University of IIIinois at Urbana-Champaign Chief Legal Officer
ZHENG Taiqiang
Lung Tin Intellectual Property Agent Ltd.

Breakout Session 3 IP Protection in China  Room 310

-Intellectual Property Cases ruled by the new local intellectual property court
-Juridical Protection or Administrative Protection: How to make the better choice
-Case Study: the effective use of temporary injunction
-Progress in the reform of IP comprehensive administration
HUANG Jianhua Pramath Malik WANG Dongyong WANG Hu LI Qiang XU Yan
Director of the IP Division , General Administration of Customs of China VP Business Development at Dolcera Judge of Beijing Intellectual Property Court Director of Legal Affairs Departement, IP Office of Chongqing Municipality Director of IP Protection Center, IP Office of Changzhou Municipality General manager of IP Department
GUO Weihong WANG Baojun
Director of IP Department, Nuctech Company Limited Partner and Director, Unitalen Attorneys at Law

Breakout Session 1 Patents Facilitate Transforming and Upgrading of Real EconomyPart 2 IP Issues in Convergence  Room 309

Evaluation of Patent Assets & M&A
Management of Trade Secret Worth Reconsidering
Whether IP Strategy Needs Adjusting in Context of Convergence?
Kevin Shih Matthew Toussant Vincent REMY Matthew Luby FU Rao NIE Zhi
Sr. counsel ,Patent License & Transaction Program ,Intellectual Property Division, TSMC Senior Vice President, CAS Executive Partner, LLR IP Firm Director of Analytics, Asia, CPA Global Midea Group IP Manager, ADVANCE CHINA IP LAW OFFICE

Breakout Session 2 Global Patent Monetization Market-Part 2 Updates of Patent Transaction  Room 311

Where will Alice & Enfish take software patent transaction
Impact of Inter partes on the U.S. litigation
Patent brokers aim at Asia market
Unitary Patent System is around the corner, so what will happen to patent market in Europe?
Will Chuang Manuel Desantes Real YAO Bingbing Marek Wernik Patrice VIDON Chan Ho Kim
Vice president, RPX Professor of Law, University of Alicante (Spain), former Vice-President of EPO Head of the Third Civil Court of Nanjing Intermediate People's Court President of TechPats President, VIDON Group IP Pioneer Group
LU Rongbo
Direcor of Planning and Development Department, IPPH

Breakout Session 4 Utilization of Patent Information in Context of AI
-Part 2 AI, Open up the New Future of Patent Information Market
 Room 308

AI used for patent reexamination, increasing efficiency or cost?
Neural Machine Translation
Intelligent Semantic Retrieval
The Utilization of Cognitive Technology in Patent Information Service
Will Human Searchers and Analysts be Replaced by AI?
LIU Wei Ji Hoon Kim John S. Bonin Sandrine Ammann Wataru IMAMURA, Samuel Davis
Director of Computer Vision Center of Tencent AI lab Principle Consultant, Asia Pacific, CPA Global CEO, Marketing & Communiations Officer,WIPO Director, Policy Planning and Research Division, JPO amplified ai, inc.CEO & Founder
QI Haiyang John Ma
Senior patent Analyst,PatSnap Senior Consultant Changxing Tech-Banking Investment Co.,Ltd

Breakout Session 5 Intellectual Property Cooperation among Belt & Road Countries  Room 310

-Part 1 Dialogue: Experience, Best Practice and Vision for IP Cooperation among BRI IP Organizations and Institutions
-Part 2 Corporate IP Strategy Developing Along Belt and Road
Aurelia Ceban Anton Ovchinnikov Szabolcs Farkas Tamer Ayar Hana Churackova WANG Qian
Eurasian Patent Organization Officer Gulf Cooperation Council Patent Office Officer Vice President, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office Head of Department of EU and Foreign Affairs of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Head of Searches Section,IPO CZ Deputy Director, Intellectual Property Department of CRRC
GE Junyou HU Dalong 纪华胜 WANG Xiaoyun CHEN Yan YUAN Hongxia
Vice President, KELUN Industry Group Sales Operation Directior, Clarivate Analytics(China) 新加坡知识产权局国际交流司兼中国代表处司长 Deputy Director, International Cooperation Departmet, SIPO Deputy Director, Intellectual Property Development & Research Center, SIPO Director of Intellectual Property Office, Science and Technology Management Department, CRRC Corporation Limited

Breakout Session 1 Patents Facilitate Transforming and Upgrading of Real EconomyPart 3 IP Strategy and Protections in the Age of AI  Room 309

Focus on the Prospect of AI
Protection of Software Patents
QIN Jian Daniel X. Yan WANG Miao WANG Xiaodan WANG Zhenkai ZHENG Jiamin
Director of IP department, Baidu Director, Philips IP and Standard Director of Standard Patents, Haier Vice President, DJI Director of Legal&IPR, CLoudMinds Inc. IP Manager, IBM

Breakout Session 2 Global Patent Monetization Market-Part 3 Patent Finance  Room 308

Late Comer: Singapore Patent Fund
Patent Insurance
Patent Financing
Edmund J. Fish YU Libiao Robert Cote ZHONG Shan
General Manager, Houlihan Lokey General Manager/Senior Researcher,Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co.Ltd Founder of Cote Capital Chair,Board of Directors of the Group

Breakout Session 6 PIUG-CPAC Asia Session  Room 310

-Utilizing Chemical Patent Searching Techniques to Enhance Business Decision Making
-PATENTSCOPE New Features - Chemical Compound Search and Neural Machine Translation
-Synthetic Biology Patent Search and Analysis
-Bio-Code Communication: Best Practice on Sequence Search Platforms and Reporting
-EPO Patent Information Resources for Medical Technologies
John Zabilski Christophe Mazenc Yugong-Cheng Daming CHEN Cynthia Barcelon Yang Nigel S. Clarke
Chair, PIUG Education & Training Committee Director, Global Databases Division, Global Infrastructure Sector, WIPO Patent Research Consultant, Eli Lilly Company Associate Researcher,Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Director of Scientific Information and Patent Analysis Services, IP/Law Dept, Bristol-Myers Squibb Manager, Patent Information Research , European Patent Office (EPO)
Co-Chair, PIUG-PIAC Asia Session Planning

Breakout Session 7 Improvement in Patent Value  Room 311

-Part 1 Patent Examination
-Part 2 Perfect the patent portfolio
Simmelvuo MARKKU ZOU Bin ZHAO Wei YANG Tiejun LIANG Yu ZHOU Hubin
Managing Director and Senior Partner,Papula-Nevinpat Deputy director, Quality Protection Division, SIPO Partner, China Science Patent and Trademark Agent LTD. former Deputy Commissioner of State Intellectual Property Office Deputy director of Comprehensive Office, Management Department of Review Business of State Intellectual Property Office Director of Examination Guidance Division, Patent Examination Administration Dept., Patent Office, SIPO
WU Hongxiu TIAN Hong Lucy H. Li Margus Sarap Kane.LI
Director, Resource Allocation Division,Patent Examination Administration Department, Patent Office Chief of International Exchanges office, Management Department of Review Business of State Intellectual Property Office Partner, Kangxin IP Co., Ltd. 美谛达副合伙人 Typical Quality Control Problems with Patent Application of Enterprise
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